Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Guys can be so hard to shop for! Any time we notice that our guys are into something, we make mental notes for future gifts. Also, if there is something that makes our lives easier as well, it’s a win win! Here are some ideas that we have come up with for this Father’s Day.

PANTS- Something we have to share for this father’s day are the Traveler pants!!! We cannot express enough how much these pants are a game changer in any guy’s¬†wardrobe. These pants are like men’s jeggings! They feel like sweats when they are worn, but are very versatile. They can be worn casual, business casual or with a jacket and tie. They wash and dry super well in the laundry and can handle the roughest of wearers!

TILE- Other Father’s Day goodies include the tile. These are so handy for the guy who can never find his keys. You can program the tile app on your phone and your keys will beep for you. We have come to use our tile multiple times and saved a lot of stress.

RING- If you have a dad in your life who is active and especially works with weights, you might consider getting him a silicone wedding ring. They come in all sorts of colors and are easy on the budget!

PILLOW- We have a family member who just bought this as a birthday gift for her husband. This is great for the guy who is always folding up his pillow to sleep. Side sleepers and back sleepers benefit from the support of these awesome pillows.

SOCKS- These Stance socks are always a big hit in our homes. They are top quality and come in so many styles and colors.

TIES- We really stocked up on ties at the last Beehive Bazaar. There was a great vendor selling some unique and eye catching patterns too good to pass up!

LAPEL PINS- You know how mothers get beautiful corsages on Mother’s Day? Why not do the same for your guy on Father’s Day? We love these wodden flower lapel pins by ¬†Two Guys Bowtie. And these babies won’t die like real flowers so he can wear it over and over again!

Traveler pants, Tile, Silicone Wedding Ring, Purple Pillow, Stance Socks, Floral Necktie, Lapel Pin

Do you have any go to gift ideas for the guys in your life? Let us know!


Pete & Repeat