3 Creative Ways to Make Your Easter Hunt Memorable


This is a fun activity to do when you have at least one child who can read! The scavenger hunt will lead the kiddos to their baskets or if you have a special Easter gift you want them to hunt for, this is PERFECT. This can be done on it’s own or in addition to a traditional egg hunt. I have done this when I start to worry that the kids get too competitive with hunting eggs. This way, they work as a team! I made up a little list that you can download and print just to make your Easter prep a bit easier.

click here to download: easter scavenger hunt

easter scavenger hunt

After you print, cut out each riddle.

esh1 esh2

Then, ONE AT A TIME, fill the eggs and hide them in order so you don’t loose track of where you need to hide each egg. Believe me, if you’re doing this at 1 am, this can all of a sudden seem super complicated!!

1 copy


This is a fun idea that I’ve tried a couple of times. I have also used the same idea for other games or family night lessons with my kids. I got the idea from the blog, 71 Toes (one of my faves).

For Easter Morning you tie a different string to each of your kids’ beds.


…the string needs to be long! Yarn works great. Have the yarn zig zag throughout your house:


Eventually the string will guide kids to their baskets, each in a different hiding spot. The kids have so much fun just at the sight of all the string. Then following the string all over the place is a blast. Your kids will never forget it!



A few of our kids are starting to outgrow our dear Easter Bunny! To increase their enthusiasm we made the egg hunt a bit more (ahem) lucrative for them! Adding money to our plastic eggs is a real game changer for the big kids. Occasionally we will throw in a few “golden eggs” with larger bills inside. When one is found the kids work together to find the next until each kid has one. We try to hide the golden eggs in extra tricky spots!


Let us know if you try any of these or if you have other fun Easter hunt traditions!


Pete & Repeat

Color Blocking Paper Eggs

My Easter decor stash is seriously lacking. I’m adding little pieces here and there every year. I went to my local craft store the other day and gathered up some supplies:


I love crafts, but I don’t want things to look too cutesy, craftsy.  I have these craft paper eggs and decided that color block painting them would give the modern touch that I love.

I started by spray painting my eggs gold. I started with the gold because it went on so easily in a thin, even layer.


Then I taped my eggs with painter’s tape and added my color (two coats):


My favorite part is peeling the tape after the paint dries:


I assembled the rest of my Easter supplies and now have a centerpiece and an Easter mantle.



Such a pretty time of year! I hope you enjoy!




Blimey, It’s Leprechaun Cupcakes!

Cupcake making is always great because it’s pretty easy and yields plenty of treats to go around. This little project can be done as a fun group activity with children–adults doing some of the more tedious parts.

To get started you need:


  • cupcakes
  • orange buttercream
  • marshmallow fondant (recipe here)
  • circle fondant cutter
  • fondant rolling pin
  • black & green food coloring gel
  • piping bag, coupler, & Wilton tip #18
  • gold luster dust, vodka, & food-safe paint brush (optional)

To get started:

  1. Tint your fondant. You’ll need more green than black & white. If you don’t have gold luster dust, tint the white fondant yellow. Wrap black & white fondant in plastic wrap until ready to use.


2.  Grab a chunk of green fondant and roll it into a cylinder. I decided on the thickness of my cylinder based on the size circle cutter I had. You want your cylinder’s circumference to be a bit smaller than the circle cutter. Wow, this is starting to sound like geometry!


3. Next, cut your cylinder to the desired height of your hat, making a crisp top and bottom. Set side finished pieces on a surface dusted with powdered sugar to prevent sticking.


4. Cut out fondant circles.


5. Attach cylinders to circles. Set finished pieces aside.


6. Next roll out black fondant (pretty thin) and cut it into strips with a sharp, non-serrated knife.



7. Wrap black fondant strips around the bottom of each cylinder. Cut off any excess. Note: I didn’t use water as glue to attach my fondant pieces for this project. My fondant was doing a good job sticking on its own.


8. For the hat buckle, I used my knife and cut tiny rectangles and then even tinier rectangles inside that (Congratulations! You made it to the tedious part!).4

9. I know not everyone has this stuff in their pantry, so don’t fret! I think yellow fondant buckles are just as cute. If you do have some gold luster dust on hand it’s a fun addition to this project!


Using a food-safe paint brush mix your luster dust with a bit of vodka (it evaporates quickly and won’t gum up your fondant) and paint it on dry-ish buckles. Attach buckles to hats and HOORAY, they are complete!


10. Now it’s time to ice your cupcakes! Fill your piping bag with orange buttercream and pipe little rosettes around the entire cupcake. Don’t they look like little curls?


11. Top it off with your fondant hats. You now have cute leprechaun cupcakes!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Shop Kid’s Easter Clothes Online

Hey Guys! Easter this year is April 16th. I have to say that more than once in my years of parenthood, I have been shopping for Easter clothes in some of my favorite stores and just can’t find what I’m looking for. A lot of times stores skip ahead to summer themes and so many shops just don’t carry boys’ ties and dress clothes. I just recently checked some hot spots online and found multiple sales for PERFECT Easter clothes. I jumped on it so that I’ll have plenty of time for shipping. Here are some great options that I found.

P.S. Such a bonus to shop and support some local art moms like Hum and Freshly Picked!



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