Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Guys can be so hard to shop for! Any time we notice that our guys are into something, we make mental notes for future gifts. Also, if there is something that makes our lives easier as well, it’s a win win! Here are some ideas that we have come up with for this Father’s Day.

PANTS- Something we have to share for this father’s day are the Traveler pants!!! We cannot express enough how much these pants are a game changer in any guy’s wardrobe. These pants are like men’s jeggings! They feel like sweats when they are worn, but are very versatile. They can be worn casual, business casual or with a jacket and tie. They wash and dry super well in the laundry and can handle the roughest of wearers!

TILE- Other Father’s Day goodies include the tile. These are so handy for the guy who can never find his keys. You can program the tile app on your phone and your keys will beep for you. We have come to use our tile multiple times and saved a lot of stress.

RING- If you have a dad in your life who is active and especially works with weights, you might consider getting him a silicone wedding ring. They come in all sorts of colors and are easy on the budget!

PILLOW- We have a family member who just bought this as a birthday gift for her husband. This is great for the guy who is always folding up his pillow to sleep. Side sleepers and back sleepers benefit from the support of these awesome pillows.

SOCKS- These Stance socks are always a big hit in our homes. They are top quality and come in so many styles and colors.

TIES- We really stocked up on ties at the last Beehive Bazaar. There was a great vendor selling some unique and eye catching patterns too good to pass up!

LAPEL PINS- You know how mothers get beautiful corsages on Mother’s Day? Why not do the same for your guy on Father’s Day? We love these wodden flower lapel pins by  Two Guys Bowtie. And these babies won’t die like real flowers so he can wear it over and over again!

Traveler pants, Tile, Silicone Wedding Ring, Purple Pillow, Stance Socks, Floral Necktie, Lapel Pin

Do you have any go to gift ideas for the guys in your life? Let us know!


Pete & Repeat

Teacher Gift Ideas & Tags

We said it before and we’ll say it again: WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS!!! If making the Personalized Tote in our last post isn’t your “bag”, we have a few more ideas up our sleeve!

FullSizeRender (7)

{All of these items can be found at Target}

  • “I am brighter because of you” — Yummy smelling candle
  • “Thanks for helping me grow” — Cute plant
  • “Thank you for adding color to my life” — Fun Sharpie or Expo markers
  • “Thanks for teaching me this year” — Anything you think of that your teacher might like! Pictured above is a Target gift card.
  • “Thanks for helping me to shine” — Nail polish, car wash gift cards
  • “You’ve got teaching in the bag”An adorable tote bag

We have created some fun printable gift tags for you! Simply click on the link below, print the tags on cardstock, cut them out, and attach them to your gift with ribbon or twine. Your teacher will love it!


Click here to download: teacher tags

Yay for the final days of school and yay for wonderful teachers!


Pete & Repeat

DIY Teacher Tote

Can you believe we are already at the end of the school year? Our kids are done on May 26th. Teacher gifts have been on our radar this week because next week is going to be crazy! We are always so appreciative of our teachers. It seems like they spend more time with our kids than we do! It’s always fun to do something special to say thank you. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, though. Having multiple kids in school does add up when you are buying teacher gifts. Here is a DIY for a fun gift we came up with.

Teacher Tote! Have you noticed that totes are all the rage? Reminds me of this cartoon my kids like. Tote Life!Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.34.57 AM.png

Really, though, we love having a tote to take to the library, on a day trip, or to church. IMG_0351

Here is what you need to make a teacher tote (I got this stuff at Walmart):


You can download the image right HERE:



Load your printer with the iron on paper


Then you need to trim the paper. The white of the paper irons on with the text so use a paper cutter to make sure your lines are straighter than ours!IMG_0345

Then you peel off the back of the paper and place the parchment that comes in the pack on top of your image.


We used the cotton setting on my iron. The instructions say to use medium heat. This just takes a few seconds and you have an awesome finished product!




3 Creative Ways to Make Your Easter Hunt Memorable


This is a fun activity to do when you have at least one child who can read! The scavenger hunt will lead the kiddos to their baskets or if you have a special Easter gift you want them to hunt for, this is PERFECT. This can be done on it’s own or in addition to a traditional egg hunt. I have done this when I start to worry that the kids get too competitive with hunting eggs. This way, they work as a team! I made up a little list that you can download and print just to make your Easter prep a bit easier.

click here to download: easter scavenger hunt

easter scavenger hunt

After you print, cut out each riddle.

esh1 esh2

Then, ONE AT A TIME, fill the eggs and hide them in order so you don’t loose track of where you need to hide each egg. Believe me, if you’re doing this at 1 am, this can all of a sudden seem super complicated!!

1 copy


This is a fun idea that I’ve tried a couple of times. I have also used the same idea for other games or family night lessons with my kids. I got the idea from the blog, 71 Toes (one of my faves).

For Easter Morning you tie a different string to each of your kids’ beds.


…the string needs to be long! Yarn works great. Have the yarn zig zag throughout your house:


Eventually the string will guide kids to their baskets, each in a different hiding spot. The kids have so much fun just at the sight of all the string. Then following the string all over the place is a blast. Your kids will never forget it!



A few of our kids are starting to outgrow our dear Easter Bunny! To increase their enthusiasm we made the egg hunt a bit more (ahem) lucrative for them! Adding money to our plastic eggs is a real game changer for the big kids. Occasionally we will throw in a few “golden eggs” with larger bills inside. When one is found the kids work together to find the next until each kid has one. We try to hide the golden eggs in extra tricky spots!


Let us know if you try any of these or if you have other fun Easter hunt traditions!


Pete & Repeat

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Kids


How many years in a row have I completely forgotten to grab a little gift for my kids on Valentine’s day?! I guess all the running around, buying school treats, making class Valentines, organizing class parties, and planning a date night with my main squeeze has me a bit preoccupied!

This year, I vow to be better. So when the kids come home from school with high hopes of rosy colored balloons and chocolates I will be ready! I did some online browsing at Target and came up with these ideas.