Freshen Up Your Entry

This time of year, a lot of people are adding gorgeous annual (or perennial) flowers to the front of their homes. This is our first spring in our home with landscaping so I’ve been watching all the colors in our yard blossom for the first time. We definitely have mainly purple flowers of various shades. In our last home, we grew lavender in a flower bed and it did extremely well–apparently they thrive in Utah. For our pots, I wanted something non traditional and a little wild. Lavender immediately came to mind. I have been shopping around for some time for just the right pots that went with my home. Here is what we began with:IMG_0196

  • I found great concrete looking pots at Target! I had already checked nurseries and hardware stores and once again, Target was the store that had a great fit for me. Plus they were on sale!
  • The pots aren’t super heavy and we live in a pretty windy area so I added some rocks I found at a vacant lot to the bottom of the pots.


  • Those rocks also served as a booster for the smaller pot I added.
  • I should’ve measured, but by some miracle, I eyeballed the size of these green pots perfect! I then unloaded my lavender into these pots with some fresh soil. And Ta-dah!!!:

Instant curb appeal!!! Also, the lavender smells fabulous!10000

If your momma is in need, this could be a great project to do for her for Mother’s Day!




A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

It seems that over the weekend we all of a sudden got buds on the trees here in Utah! So many blossoms and now the brown is fading from lawns! Such a great sight!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total fan of snow:


Life is just a bit easier when the weather warms up.


I’m loving seeing this green rise out of the brown!

We got a little excited to start our garden the other day. My husband and I lived the first 10 years of our marriage in rentals. It was always a dream of ours to have a garden. Here is my beginners guide to get anyone started:

  • GARDEN BOXES- When we put in our landscaping, we had three garden boxes made by our landscaper. He knew exactly how to do it. Here is a look at the ground surrounding our garden boxes and an idea of the size they are:


  • GET STARTS- I was told that it is a lot easier to work with starts instead of seeds. As a beginner, I wanted the easy way for sure! Here is a list of the first plants of the season to plant:planting guide
  • PREP THE SOIL- Our neighborhood is full of crappy soil. The whole place was built on a gravel pit. Our landscaper collected a huge truck load of fertile soil from the Provo River area. He set aside some for our plater boxes. Great soil can be bought at your local garden center as well! We purchased this all-purpose fertilizer to mix in as suggested at the nursery (follow the directions on the box):


  • START PLANTING! I let my girls come help me. There is a project for every age. Diggers, waterers, fertilizer sprinklers, etc. It felt great to be working hard out in the sunshine!



As a Bonus, these cute plant markers were in the dollar Spot at Target.




AS A SIDE NOTE: If we get back to freezing temps, the Nursery told me to just get an old sheet and cover these babies to keep them warm.

Happy Gardening!