Party Planning For a “No Frills” Guy

What do you do for your husband when he isn’t a big birthday celebrator? This is tough because I. LOVE. BIRTHDAYS!!!! I use it as a day to spoil the people that I care about. It’s just totally fun to me. Plus it is yet one more excuse to get creative. So… my husband doesn’t want much fuss for his birthday. I was wracking my brain and luck came upon me! Here are some ideas if you’re in the birthday planning rut:

  1. CENTER THE PARTY AROUND A SPORT OR SHOW- My husband’s brother has a birthday super close, so he just wanted to watch the Utah Jazz game! What an easy request. If your guy likes a certain show, you can Tivo the Season Finale or Premier for guests to watch together. You can do the same with renting a fun movie.
  2. KEEP DECOR SIMPLE WITH BALLOONS- Going to the party store to get balloons really got my toddler into the spirit of the party. Plus, the balloons made my whole house festive on very little effort. Also, those confetti balloons are all the rage and look fabulous! NOTE: If you get balloons with high float added, they are meant to last 24-32 hours. If not, balloons will last about 8 hours on average.


3. USE OLD PHOTOS- I have a bunch of cute old photos of Josh and his brother together. It was a no brainer to put those puppies to use. Once I decided on going in that direction, the rest of the party fell into place.

I took these old photos and turned them black and white:


I also added thought bubbles using a free font called Talkies that you can download here.

Once I got going, the sky was the limit. These birthday boys have great senses of humors, so I went for funny on these; Adding signs for the bathroom mirror:


…A 16×20 poster, printed in just an hour at my nearest Walmart…


…and cake and cupcake toppers!

8712Don’t these guys look happy?

That amazing cake was made by Denise. It tasted so good. Just the right touch to make the birthday guys feel special.

Here’s to having great parties big or small!



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