Winter Oasis

The months of January, February, and March can be pretty brutal here in Utah. It’s cold, the air quality isn’t amazing, and shoveling snow just starts to get old…

But, what luck! There are ways to break up the monotony! Besides getting a new do, sprucing up your wardrobe, and starting and restarting a new exercise routine, adding a little greenery to your interior is a fab way to chase away those winter blues.

We headed to IKEA to find a few great nuggets for my home.


I was stoked to see BASKETS in the plant section! All sizes, but medium table sized.76

Here are some spots in my home that we spruced up:


We found some great succulents at Home Depot. They even had some concrete pots that were fabulous!


I actually had a mini Christmas-ish tree that stayed green and fresh. I removed any sign of Christmas from it, and changed out my red pot for a fresh white bucket from IKEA.


Wal-mart actually has just put out their house plants. They are extremely affordable and surprisingly resilient! That was where I got this little cutie below.


There is some great inspiration on Instagram. Search the hashtag “house plants.” This is an image from


West Elm has a plant in almost every image!!


Pinterest showed off some floor baskets on the Home Goods page.screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-8-17-49-pm




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